Fob Duplication Services

We Copy Low/High frequency proximity fobs and cards for the most fobs in the market! Which used for condos | apartment | building entry | main entrance | gym | pool area | car parking garages etc. Electronic fob keys types we copy or duplicate as listed here but not limited. As Standard price 35$ for one, and two copies for $50. It takes around 3 minutes thanks to our efficient team. The process begins with translating our client’s original fob copy, reprogramming the duplicate provided by us and testing it for workability.

Swimming pool fob
Swimming pool fob copy
Elevator access
Elevator Access Fob copy
Garage remote
Garage remote copy
Condo main entrance
Condo Main Entrance Fob Duplication

Condo Fob Models

HID – HID iCLASS – HID ProxKey II – HID ProxKey III – HID MicroProx – Mircom – Indala – IoProx – Schlage – Capital – CIS – Kantech – Paradox –  DataWatch – WaveTrend – KeyScan – Verex – CondoPlex – EM/EMX4 – Miwa – Motorola – Honeywell – Amano – RadioKey – SecuraKey – KTAG

Condo Fob copy

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