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At our store, we offer a diverse range of door locks that are tailored to meet your needs. Our Commercial collection includes an extensive range of locks, such as Commercial Locks, Door Knob sets, Lever and Electrified sets, Deadbolts, and Combo sets.

We understand that commercial spaces require different types of locks to ensure the safety and security of the premises. As such, we provide a comprehensive range of commercial locksmith services that include replacement and installation of locks, as well as the necessary supplies needed to secure your space.

Our team of experienced commercial locksmiths is well-equipped to handle any lock-related issue that you may encounter. Whether you need to install new locks or replace existing ones, we have you covered. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality locks and services to ensure the safety and security of their commercial spaces.

Keyfobs Locksmith Services

Commercial locksmith Services

Our commercial locksmith service is available to provide assistance in the Mississauga area. Whether you require assistance with unlocking your office or commercial plaza, installing a commercial lock system, repairing existing locks, or re-keying, our team is here to help.

For more details on the specific locations we cover, please visit our contact us page at https://keyfobs.ca/mississauga-locksmith/

We are committed to providing our customers with reliable and professional locksmith services that meet their unique needs.

Commercial Locksmith Recommends

Our Recommendation

Our commercial locksmith recommends the Keyless Deadbolt lock as part of the wave of innovation in home security. Additionally,
this lock features an interior emergency lockdown switch,
vandal-protected, rust-resistant combination keypad with access to the one’s home only with an everchanging (to the owner’s extent) code. For the doors requiring top-bolt locking, this Keyless Deadbolt Lock retrofits to your common everyday deadbolt. As strong as any lock in its class, this keyless lock with deadbolt adds value to your property. This is suited for light traffic residential and small office entry doors where you want to control access for a relatively few number of people.

Secure Your Business with Professional Commercial Lock Replacement, Fix, and Rekey Services
When it comes to safeguarding your business, one of the first lines of defense is a reliable and secure lock system. Whether you need to replace aging locks, fix malfunctioning ones, or enhance security through rekeying, professional commercial locksmith services are essential. Let's delve into the importance of commercial lock replacement, repair, and rekey services for your business.
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Protect Your Assets

As a business owner, protecting your assets is paramount. If your locks are old, damaged, or unreliable, they pose a significant security risk. Commercial lock replacement ensures that your business assets are well-protected by modern, high-quality locks. These locks are designed to withstand tampering and provide superior security.

Enhance Security

Lock technology evolves constantly to keep pace with the latest security threats. If your business is still relying on outdated locks, you may be leaving vulnerabilities open for exploitation. Upgrading to modern, high-security locks is an investment in your business’s safety. Commercial locksmiths can recommend and install advanced lock systems that are virtually impervious to picking, bumping, and other common methods of unauthorized entry.

Cost-Effective Solutions.

Lock replacement doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. Professional locksmiths can evaluate your current locks and advise on whether they can be rekeyed or repaired instead of entirely replaced. Rekeying, in particular, is a cost-effective way to change the locks’ internal mechanisms, rendering any old keys useless while retaining the existing hardware.


Master Key Systems

For businesses with multiple access points and diverse security needs, master key systems are invaluable. Commercial locksmiths can design and install master key systems tailored to your specific requirements. This not only enhances security but also simplifies access control, making it easier to manage who has access to different areas within your business.

Emergency Services

Lock-related emergencies can strike at any time. Commercial locksmiths offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure that your business remains secure even in the dead of night or during holidays. Whether it’s a broken key, a lockout situation, or any other urgent issue, you can rely on these professionals to come to your aid promptly.

Peace of Mind

In conclusion, maintaining the security of your commercial property is essential to protect your assets, employees, and customers. Commercial lock replacement, repair, and rekey services are key components of this security strategy.

Whether it’s upgrading to advanced locks, ensuring operational efficiency, or simply providing peace of mind, the expertise of a commercial locksmith is invaluable in safeguarding your business. 

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